2018 High Paying Affiliate Programs- What is in the Money

Relatively speaking every exceptional and effective affiliate marketer generates the main part of their income, from lucrative high paying affiliate programs.

Many affiliates around the world have made successful affiliate websites, building six and even seven-figure business products and services online. Through the plan of action of the affiliate marketing and patience with committed work .

Few Interesting Figures about Affiliate Marketing

An autonomous study appointed by the Rakuten Affiliate Network, uncovered that the affiliate marketing industry in the US developed $4.7 billion since 2016 and is expected to grow to $6.8 Billion by the year 2020.

We’re talking insane figures here. Affiliate marketing is authoritatively turning into a standard advertising channel, for companies everywhere throughout the world and maybe beyond (if life does exist out there in our universe).

The absolute most intriguing take away from the study:

  • 90% of advertisers say affiliate programs were either “important” or “very important” to their general marketing strategy.
  • The greater majority of advertisers uncovered that affiliate marketers drove over 20% of yearly company income.
  • More than 80% of publishers and 84% of advertisers reviewed run some type  of affiliate program.

Why You Should Be Focused On High Paying Affiliate Programs

The best affiliate programs are the ones that offer high-ticket items, these items you can advance with much better. These kinds of affiliate programs are the bread and spread for the super affiliate advertisers of today.

A significant number of the higher valued items sold through the best affiliate programs, are items that are acquainted with the client after they purchase their first or second buy.

A typical confusion with high-ticket items in affiliate marketing is that, it’s significantly harder to make that deal if the item is higher in cost. Take a $1000 item (for instance).

In all actuality, offering a $1000 item won’t be the same as moving a $15 digital book to the majority — yet imagine a scenario in which I revealed to you it’s really simpler to create a significant pay through offering these higher estimated items.

Give me a chance to clarify:

For instance purpose, suppose you’re going for a million dollars in a year.

To accomplish this decent round number that contains a large number of zeros, you’ll have to offer 50,000 copies of an item that expenses at $20.

That is a shit-load of e-books.

On the opposite side of the coin of things, in case you’re advancing an item that expenses $1000.  You’ll just need to pitch a 1000 to make one million dollars.

On the off chance that the items costs $4000, the number goes down to only 250.

I realize what I’d rather concentrate on! I hope you do as well!

Individuals Are Willing To Invest

The web is brimming with individuals that will put great cash into things, they want their issues to be solved in their lives.

Overall, the general population that are willing to put investments into these high-ticket items, are more reasonable and less demanding.

You won’t need to manage or deal with push-catch/button searchers, seeking for a convenient solution to get-rich-quick fix, and your refund rates won’t be high either.

In my mind, it merits investing some-what more energy in building an association, with somebody enough that they’re willing to put a great amount of dollars into an item that I’m promoting. Furthermore, I’m not deceiving anybody by offering a higher payed item.

Individuals get awkward with recommending items, since they feel like a sell-out yet what they don’t understand. Is these items and services can change individuals’ lives and people really need it.

It is very important to maintain your integrity as an affiliate marketer and entrepreneur, there’s nothing to fear. Individuals require issues that need tackling in their lives, and as affiliates! We can position ourselves as the GPS to their desired arrangements as the resolution.

By concentrating on higher-ticket offers, and following a demonstrated system. That other individuals have had accomplishments with. You can multiply your current income quickly.

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Regardless of whether you’re absolutely new to affiliate marketing, you can in any case begin off by advancing high-ticket items.

There’s no purpose behind you to begin off with little, modest, cheap items.

Which Affiliate Programs Are Worth Their Sugar?

I observed around the web and saw an absence of data on lucrative partner programs. So I chose to gather an exhaustive rundown/list, as an asset for you superb individuals!

I’d additionally get a kick out of the chance to say that. The best affiliate programs are the ones that have been confirmed as genuine. There’re huge amounts of high ticket programs out there that are all in discussion and no “pants”. I’ve finished some broad research and selected the main top affiliate programs I found on my web voyages, in no specific order!

It’s significant to note that this rundown represents a small, infinitesimal level (extremely small) of affiliate programs available. There are tons more and I will be researching them for further post reviews.

I exceedingly suggest doing your own particular research into affiliate programs that you find fascinating, at that point you can adjust yourself to an affiliate program that you believe is wonderful.

On the other hand, you may discover something in this rundown that fits you splendidly, so read on!


Anastasia Affiliate Program

Anastasia is a system of four dating sites, working basically in the US, Europe and Australia.

The dating specialty is enormous and is hinting at no backing off so there’s immense benefit to be made as an affiliate in this space.

Key purposes of their lucrative affiliate program:

Up to $350 commissions for first requests and up to $125 for ensuing requests.

Different presentation pages and unlimited materials to utilize.

Lifetime commissions for all requests made by the prospects you allude to the company.

Custom reporting analytic tools and a second level affiliate program.

Other top affiliate programs in the dating niche :

Affiliate2day – Up to $250 for your first request. PayPer Lead paves the way to $8. 25% commissions for every deal.

Qpidaffiliate – Up to $300 pay per activity. $9 PayPer Lead and a 12% two-level program.

Key purposes of their lucrative affiliate program:

Half commissions on all projects. Up to $498.50 per deal.

Lifetime cookies with the goal that you get paid over their product suite.

High EPC ($4 up to $10 EPC for a few partners)

Pre-composed email formats, online social media networking posts and banners


2018 High Paying Affiliate Programs- What is in the Money

In case, you’re searching for Travel Affiliate programs, you might need to checkout Travel Payouts. They cover the entire scope of travel services from being a travel agent to flights, hotel and inns, auto rentals, insurance and more.

They even allow you to book through them as an affiliate and save up to 50%-90% on your flights or hotel.

Some Significant web organizations like AirBNB and Booking.com utilize Travel Payouts. Also you can be an affiliate for them as well.

Travel Payout affiliate program works like the price comparison websites you see all over the internet. You introduce their affiliate programs on your web page and individuals book occasionally on your site, utilizing the “Travel Payout” algorithms.

Commissions look very measly. You just make $28 from a $900 flight booking. But for many this is a great income when it all adds up. So it still makes the list.

You will be able to drive a huge amount of traffic onto your site to make anything worthy  by the training you can receive from proper affiliate training programs  .That will even give you a discount when you sign up. On the other hand in the event that you can drive a decent measure of value traffic to your site like this. Then you can have several opportunities made each day, so in any case. You can make an extraordinary salary from affiliate programs this way.

Key purposes of their partner program:

Cookies life of 30 days.

Free classes and online webinar courses for affiliates.

CPA demonstrate — the higher the activity quality, the higher your benefit.

Other travel affiliate programs:

Expedia subsidiary system – Use the stock of the world’s biggest travel company to leverage your income.

Tourrader – An incredible method to adapt a travel blog.



Shopify is an all out web based business arrangement, that you can elevate to individuals hoping to begin their own particular online store. These folks give all that you could need to maintain a fruitful web based business — from web designers to shopping baskets, web facilitating, analytics, store administration, search engine optimization and the sky is the limit from there.

Key purposes of their lucrative affiliate program:

Procure up to $2400 per client.

Pre-deal commissions enable you to acquire 200% of a client’s membership charge, each time you allude somebody.

A lot of affiliate materials, for example, banners and layouts for advancement.

Industry-driving transformation rates.

Affiliate dashboard gives analytics.

Other Online business affiliate programs include:

Template Monster– Represent considerable authority in giving a colossal exhibit of web formats. Get up to 50% commissions. 365-day cookies. Get paid for enlisting different affiliates.

Volusion – Finish Online business web designer. They have helped affiliates produce more than $21 BILLION in sales. Procure month to month referral commissions of 20% for customers you allude to Volusion.


QUITN6 gives a stage that intends to enable individuals, with the ranges of abilities and the platform that empower’s them to stop their normal everyday employment. And create and carry on with an existence life of freedom and wealth.

I for one cherish this kind of stuff. This is what I’m enthusiastic about myself! Helping individuals carry on with the life they’ve yearn for,it’s been  a long time for so many. Who have been itching to live life with financial freedom. An excessive number of individuals are stuck in employments and professions that simply aren’t satisfying for them.

QUITN6 is owned by a person called Matt Stone. A business person who has manufactured various fruitful six-figure company’s on the web.

The affiliate program isn’t “high-ticket” in essence at the end of the day the most essential thing is your normal profit per click contrasted with your CPC. QUITN6 happens to have a normal $4.85 EPC for their web business course.

Which substantially quickly fluctuates.

You can have a high ticket item that pays $1000 yet in the event that you’ve needed to burn through $998 dollars to influence the deal, then in any case that sucks.

Key purposes of the affiliate program:

75% commission on all courses.

Instant funnels for you to drive traffic through.

Email swipe, flag advertisements and other affiliate materials accessible.

10% Level 2 commissions for affiliate you allude to the company.

Low refund rates for courses (underneath 5%).


In case, you’re in the budgetary space then Colmex members could be an incredible choice for you to win an affiliate pay on the web.

In plain English, Colmex gives an exchanging stage that enables individuals to exchange capital markets. So things like Forex, the share trading system (stock market), CFD’s and Prospects.

To state my insight into the speculation, business is restricted would be putting it mildly. It would be an understatement, so I’ll stick to the affiliate program facts!

Key purposes of their best affiliate program:

40% commissions for each customer you convert over from your site.

You’re assigned an affiliate account manager when you join with them.

Earn up to $650 per conversion

Choose from three payments designs. CPA, CPL and Income Offer.

Advancements and affiliate materials for you to utilize. Custom reporting is likewise accessible.

Other finance/venture member programs include:

BitBond – A Bitcoin subsidiary program. Acquire up to half of BitBond’s beginning expense.

Affiliate Partners – Affiliates programs up to $450 CPA.

Plus 500 Affiliates– High conversion rates and up to $800 CPA. Has more than 90,000 affiliates.

AvaTrade – Forex exchanging affiliate partner program. They offer advertising tools, web substance and individual help for affiliates.


Regal Assets are an enormous organization based out in the US that represent considerable authority in valuable metal speculations.

Valuable gold and silver baby!

They are an INC 500 recorded company, having gotten accreditation from different associations. They have a phenomenal notoriety for extraordinary services in the business.

Key purposes of their lucrative affiliate program:

The normal exchange extends between $18,000 – $85,000. (The organization plainly pulls in individuals that are hoping to contribute with some genuine cash).

As a member, you gain a 3% commission on deals. This may appear to be low however do the maths on 3% of $50,000!

Your alluded clients are client forever. In the event that they make any future buys, you get paid more commissions.

They give lead-catch structures and advertisement materials for you to use on your site.

You can turn into a “super affiliate” and gain expanded commissions.

Other valuable metal affiliate programs:

American Bullion – $30 per lead. $60 per call. 3% of direct deals (so a $100,000 speculation would net you a clean $3000).

The Greatest Online Company of All Times

Wealthy Affiliate

Entirely, this isn’t an affiliate program in that capacity. I would portray it as all the a more advanced business framework, and one that I transparently advance myself as a result of the sheer extraordinary esteem it gives.

It is an exceedingly interesting stage that has by far, a wide margin which is the most elevated paying commissions I have ever gone over.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training and mentor ship program, that sets you up for each part of the online business enterprise. Enabling you with the advanced ranges, of abilities and initiative mentalities you have to prevail in the online world.

They give a well-ordered measured training program, educated by top business pioneers to understudies from everywhere throughout the world.

The courses they offer are intended for individuals to establish the best possible frameworks for their online business, basically keeping away from a considerable lot of the hindrances and money related blunders that individuals tend to make when beginning as a business visionary.

Wealthy Affiliate additionally houses a community of similar business people which is something that can be significant on your excursion to progress.

There is now over 1 million members of entrepreneurs and professionals within WA. This is something ideal for the trying business visionary searching for their first online open door.

You’ll learn capable business strategies and advertising abilities that will empower you to adequately offer help on the web. Such as services and product reviews through your “Niche”, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SMO,Google Adhense , Google Adwords and  so much more.

You additionally can elevate the framework itself to business opportunity searchers and produce a wage through their lucrative association.

Key purposes of their lucrative member program:

50% commissions (Indeed truly)

Materials for promoting and business range of training modules.

Lifetime clients. Repeating month to month and in addition yearly member commissions.

Your own online business and the support of the community and Kyle and Carson to help you with any inquiries you may have.

Access to any training materials. Live Chat Support. Webinars. Blogging stages. And so much more.

This is sincerely an esteem blast, there is simply an excessive amount to list.

Many have partnered up with these folks as affiliates including myself. And I genuinely have faith in the transformational esteem of success.

The succes rate is very high. Many have achieved their goals and financial freedom thanks to WA. Learn more about WA and how to join. Click Here





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