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Welcome to WorldWideIncome, also known as wwincome.com , created from the understanding and passion of an Affiliate Marketer. Entrepreneur, Freelancer,Web Developer all in one packet SEO self mastery job seeker.

WWincome is a site that can relate to you, it is difficult to find online job/success.  It is very hard to come across legitimate online jobs or online opportunities. We all had our shares of failures and disappointments. The evolutionary aspect is we live in an era of technology ,social media, online culture and entertainment. The workforce platform have changed dramatically, many are wondering how to join in on the action and capitalize from the online ventures.

There is so much information on the world wide web,people are left stuck with where should they start! How trust worthy is this site or information. This is why WWincome will be your vital source in solving your issues.

WWincome has been curated with a platform filled with trusted companies that you can choose to work with. Many will be at home jobs or global jobs where you can work anywhere you are in the world.


There are so many people who have stumbled upon ” what direction do I take”,  “which company do I choose”,  and “how long for me to earn money”.

With so many questions left unanswered, or even when answered they are still in doubt.

I vowed that when I do find the platform. I will share  to the world! And  help as many as I can, I don’t want those who choose this path, to have to go through so much hardship.

Its best to make this digital nomad lifestyle,online job seeker or work from home platform easier for those searching.

We all can help each other, with what we have learned from the experiences we have been through.

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Without further due.  Welcome once more again to WWincome . Remember the  platform will give you the ease by bringing to you vital and essential content.  The Information you will find here, will make it a much smoother process in decision making. While giving you access to what you need or desire!

A Little Back Story

My name is Jaye, and the founder of WWincome.com. I have struggled personally with finding online jobs or job opportunities online. I have also done many types of online jobs, and jobs that were not online as well .I have a BA in Business and Marketing with an Entrepreneurship Certification.

After graduation I was stuck in a cubicle in a Business Technology office that I loved at first but, then reality hit that there is so much more in this world and I need to go and explore!

Many of the online jobs were not successful, it felt like I was getting no where in the online world. I watched others achieved their financial freedom yet I was left wondering what am I doing wrong & still working my 9 to 5 job.

Wealthy Affiliate

Who wouldn’t want to be able to work at home or travel the world while given the chance to earn. Enjoy life to the fullest as can be!….. With determination and so much ambition, I realized not to give up and to educate myself more. By doing  constant research and asking around, and attending network seminars and webinars. Then, it finally happen, one day I found Wealthy Affiliate and it changed my life.

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Finding WA has given me the opportunity of financial freedom. I was badly in need of an online income and escape the office space. I am now able to work at home, at the beach or in paradise. As a matter of fact where ever in the world of my destination choice. 

I get to travel and have fun , I also help volunteer in different countries and engage in different cultures. I get to meet many wonderful people and see so many places. Now I can also use my website to help others as well, by simple paying it forward through articles.

Everything I share on my website is. Authentic and Legit. I research and test each company, and only recommend the ones that works and is worth every investment and time. I am a testimony of it all!


All the best,


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Email: support@wwincome.com